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Aldora Wang

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Unconstrained Creation 101

Unconstrained Creation 101 is a web-based, interactive, and communicative project that cherishes and supports children’s artistic creations and provides an opportunity to showcase children’s artwork.

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Portrait Generator and Facial Recognition Children’s drawing Portrait Generator

Children's drawings exhibit unique characteristics that, while juvenile in nature, convey profound meaning and nuanced expression. Children's art represents a conscious or unconscious expression of the young artist, embodying reflections of their selves and emotions.
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However, not all children have the opportunity to share their artistic creations, and not all works receive the appreciation they deserve. Rather than dismissing or judging from an adult perspective, it's important for people to approach children's art with an attitude of appreciation and understanding. With this in mind, I've designed and developed the Unconstrained Creation 101 website showcasing children's art. My hope is that we all can come to adore, appreciate, and support the creative endeavors of children.
Project Website
Project Website

The children's drawing portrait generator, available for interaction on the website, is a collaboration with the young artists from Aimei’s Time Art Studio.

Generated Portraits

Utilizing facial recognition technology, the generator produces unique and colorful portraits for the users. The goal of this portrait generator is to give both kids and adults a playful experience, fostering a connection between the creators and the audience.

Project Posters

The facial elements that assembled the portraits are materials adapted from real children’s drawings.
Paper Prototype

Most of the young artists drew the elements on paper. Therefore, I organized and converted the submitted materials into digital versions and put them into the children’s drawing portrait generator.
Paper to Digital

On the website, there is a gallery where we showcase the children’s drawing portrait collection.

Portrait Gallery

The portrait generator is written in P5.js sketch and uses clmtrackr which is a javascript library for fitting facial models into faces in videos or images and is distributed under the MIT License.
Installation Sketch and Assembling

The website was built to cherish children's artistic creations. Users can explore the website to discover young and talented artists who participated in the children's drawing portrait project, showcasing their beautiful artwork.

Project Website

The project is not only showcasing online but also exhibited locally during the Design and Technology thesis show 2022 at Parsons School of Design.

Pop-up Show Day, Photo by Yujing Shi